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Speaker - Sharing Hope, Healing, and Joy

Depression Class 2018 webBesides the counseling and coaching work Carrie does with individuals and families, she loves to extend her message of hope, healing, and joy with broader groups - sharing skills, concepts, and techniques that can empower many individuals at once to create positive changes in their lives.  

EW 2019 CWrigley crowdWhether in a corporate, school, church, or community setting, Carrie is a dynamic and experienced presenter, who uses a wide variety of teaching methods to resonate with a wide variety of learners.   Besides speaking and storytelling, Carrie also uses Power Point, video, music, and/or handouts to amplify teaching, and bring the concepts to life.   

> If you'd like to book Carrie to speak, teach, or train at your upcoming live event,
please contact Carrie here.


 Carrie is also adept at speaking to the media, whether it be on podcast, radio, video, or television, to reach and enrich a wider audience.  Interviewers have included Matt Townsend (radio), Amanda Dickson (radio), Reid Stone (podcast), and Seth Adam Smith (video.) Some of her recent media appearances include:

Podcast, Wrigley Stone1 web


-- PODCAST,  "Building Your Happiness Toolkit for Retirement," on "My LIfe's Encore" podcast, hosted by Reid Stone. Find it here, in video, mp3, and printed transcript forms.  
Part 1 (53 min.)    Part 2   (42 min.)



Amazon Video CCH title page web -- VIDEO, "Christ-Centered Healing from Depression."  Currently on Amazon Prime here; also available as a series on YouTube here.  Video created by Seth Adam Smith, from a series of interviews he did with Carrie in her counseling office. Illustrated with  inspiring sculptures by Angela Johnson, from the Light of the World Garden at Thanksgiving Point.  (42 min.)



-- EW 2005 Screenshot webTELEVISION"Christ-Centered Healing from Depression and Low Self Worth."  Originally televised by BYU-TV and radio in 2005; now available on YouTube here.  Also available with the  transcript and other resources on Carrie's Counseling Library website here.  (55 min.)


> If you'd like to book Carrie to speak, teach, or train at your upcoming media event, please contact Carrie here.