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Why This Site Was Created

Hi, I'm Carrie Wrigley. Welcome to my website - I'm so glad you're here!

Over the years, I've written hundreds of songs - many of them to get myself or someone I love through a hard stretch. I believe that music has great power to heal, comfort, and give needed strength. That's what these songs have done for me - and it's what I hope they will do for you.

I've also raised 5 great kids, and served as a professional counselor, speaker, and teacher. I love sharing information to help people overcome depression, anxiety, addiction, and marriage and family problems.

I've also worked as an actress and director - both onstage and on film. I am passionate about creating projects that extend hope, promote healthy relationships, and build a better world.

Now that the kids are raised and I have more time on my hands, it's time to share what I've created, to hopefully invite light and hope into more lives.

I've recently built a family of websites to share the music, counseling insights, and healing resources I've gathered over the years. I am excited to live in a time when all of this can be shared so freely. Check out my other websites to access these additional resources.

I hope these sites will brighten your day, and help you find comfort and resplendent hope.

Browse and enjoy!

-- Carrie

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