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Carrie's Mission

My mission is simple.  It is: 

"To help YOU build a better, happier life - Starting today!" 

Everything on this site, and on the sites it links to, exists for that fundamental, guiding purpose.  I truly believe that you have the power within you -- starting today! -- to find joy, to build a sweeter and more fulfilling life, to heal from old pain, and to move on in a more peaceful direction.   

You don't need to wait to begin this process.  You can literally begin today to build a better life.  And everything on this network of sites exists to help you do just that. 

Every link that you click, every song that you listen to, every article that you read, every book that you explore on these sites -- all of it! -- exists to help you, now.   All of it exists to give you practical tools, inspiring insights, and powerful resources, to help you build something beautiful.

So dream a little with me here.   What is it that you want to build?     Could it be...

     > A happier, less anxious heart?            >  A sweeter, more connected marriage?
     >  A more harmonious family life?         > The strength to get through a hard time?

In a very real way -- my mission is to help you fulfill your mission -- my task is to empower you to complete your tasks -- my joy is to help you find your joy. 

     So settle in - relax - learn - listen - browse - enjoy!  We've got some beautiful things to build together!  

The guiding mission of this site, along with all its affiliate sites
in the Morning Light Network, is:

1) To build faith;
2) To strengthen families and other important relationships;
3) To give hope in troubled times.

1) Building Faith

In a world which seems ever more changeable and at times frightening, it can be hard to know who to trust or where to turn.  Building faith and confidence - in God, in others, and in one's own inner strength and capacity - is a fundamental purpose of Morning Light Publishing websites and online resources.

2) Strengthening Relationships

Families, marriages, and communities worldwide struggle to remain connected and enduring.    Electronic devices consume more and more attention - stripping time and focus away from those essential relationships that can provide the most joy and security.   Morning Light Publishing websites are all stocked with resources to help bring greater strength, vigor, and power into real-world connections with real people - beyond the electronic screen.

3) Giving Hope in Troubled Times

Even in challenging or heartbreaking times, there is much to celebrate and find joy in. Morning Light Publishing's logo reflects the daily reality that dawn always follows darkness, that great good can emerge even from great struggle, and that "joy cometh in the morning," even after a long period of darkness and struggle.