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About Carrie's Music

I have loved music throughout my life.  Not only is it a favorite pastime and hobby - it has also been the means of significant personal healing, inspiration, and strength. 

For many years now, I've been writing and performing my own songs.   I love writing music that lifts the spirit, builds faith, expands courage, and teaches positive principles that can contribute to the development of a happy and productive life. 

The songs I have written often form an integral part of my teaching and speaking, for music touches the heart and facilitates a healing process, in ways that words alone cannot. Many students in my classes over the years have asked that I make these songs available, so that their healing impact can be felt and experienced long after the class or lecture.  

I have taken that encouragement to heart, and developed many of my songs into CD recordings.  These are now available on Amazon as physical CD's or digital downloads; or for download at Morning Hope Music, Apple Music, and elsewhere.  


I have also developed two different music websites:

1) Morning Hope Music contains sheet music, recordings, and lyrics of my inspirational music.  Many of these songs were created initially for church settings; others were developed to express a desired theme for a school, business, or community event; still others were written to provide guidance and encouragement to some struggling individual.  Sometimes it has been those songs written for the "one" that has provided the most positive impact for the many.   

Browse Morning Hope Music if you're looking for an emotional lift, seeking sheet music to perform at your own church or community event, or simply wanting to download recorded music to lift your spirits on a busy morning or a hectic drive.   Even just reading through the Lyrics, or playing some of the recorded clips on the Recordings, can put a smile on your face, and bring a little more hope to your heart. 

2) Character Education Music  contains sheet music and lyrics for about 80 songs created as part of a school Character Education program.  All of these songs are appropriate for a General Audience, and contain no directly religious themes.   These songs were developed in coordination with school principals, teachers, and other school personnel, to address observed needs for Character Education.  These songs provide a fun, engaging way of teaching kids positive values such as Responsibility, Caring, Respect for Diversity, Anti-Bullying, and Integrity.   While they were developed originally for school use, they are also appropriate for use in home, community, and church settings. 


I hope this positive, uplifting music can be a source of joy and comfort to you, as it has been to me.