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About Carrie's Books

HappinessToolkit Promo 6b smallerI have always been a big fan of books; in fact, my husband calls me a "bookaholic."  Books fill the shelves of our home and of our office; and I so appreciate the deep wisdom and practical help they contain. Over the years, books have helped me to help myself; and they have helped me learn how to help others. Books can provide a powerful new dimension in life - opening new options for growth and change, by providing new insights, teaching life-transforming skills, and broadening prior perspectives.   

In my counseling, I often refer clients to a variety of self-help books, to expand the value of their therapy experience, and to help them learn and grow faster than they can by simply attending counseling sessions.  A counseling session is typically 50 minutes, one time per week.   Books can vastly increase that therapeutic time, helping individuals to expedite their healing process. 

The books I have referred to for years in my counseling, teaching, and writing are now gathered and available in my Counseling Library Bookstore.  This resource allows you to see my favorite books and healing products in 22 different categories, browse their contents and Amazon reviews, and then access Amazon links to purchase them if desired. 

I have also written and published my own book, Your Happiness Toolkit: 16 Strategies for Overcoming Depression, and Building a Joyful, Fulfilling Life.   This new book contains "the best of the best" that I have encountered, in my 30+ years as a counselor, to help relieve depression and promote happiness.  Learn more about my new book here.