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    Learn about Carrie’s powerful new book, "Your Happiness Toolkit"

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This website is here to equip you with resources to help you build more joy, resilience, and hope in your life.
Here's some of Carrie's most requested products and services, to help you on your sun icon

Guidebook for Depression Recovery and Prevention

Building Your Own "Happiness Toolkit"

Your Happiness Toolkit: 16 Strategies for Overcoming Depression, and Building a Joyful, Fulfilling Life,  by Carrie M. Wrigley, LCSW, is a comprehensive guidebook for depression recovery and prevention. Drawn from Carrie’s 30+ years as a counselor, it shares practical, drug-free techniques you can use – starting today - to help yourself or someone you love.

The book is available now in print, ebook, or audiobook formats. Get your copy today, to start your journey toward more happiness and emotional wellness. 

New!  Your Happiness Toolkit Workbook

A Helpful Quick-Reference Guide

Your Happiness Toolkit WORKBOOK, by Carrie M. Wrigley, LCSW, is a short, user-friendly manual that introduces you to the 16 Strategies, with self-assessments, handouts, charts, chapter summaries, and other user-friendly resources to build your happiness and emotional well-being. 

The workbook can be used alone, or for full benefit, can be used together with the book, "Your Happiness Toolkit," which is referenced by page number throughout the workbook. The workbook provides a quick scannable overview of each tool or topic, while the book provides the full, complete descriptions and background.

The workbook is available now in print or ebook formats. Get your copy today, to make it easier than ever to build your happiness and well-being. 

Free Downloads

Free 30-page Ebook!

Download a free 30-page PDF,  "COVID-19, EMOTIONS, AND YOU: 6 Stragies for Cultivating Joy and Positive Growth - Even in Challenging Times."  This ebook outlines 6 strategies for dealing producitively with the many emotional  impacts of Covid-19.

Even if you never contract the virus itself - the social distancing, job disruption, cancellation of important events, financial havoc, and general uncertainty resulting from Covid-19 might be getting you down - making you more vulnerable to depression, anxiety, addiction, or relationship problems.

But now, there's help!  With a few new skills, you can make this a positive experience, and come out even better and stronger than ever. 

Download this inspiring, helpful resource today!

5 Pitfalls That Sabotage Happiness

Download a free 6-page PDF, "5 Common Pitfalls That Secretly Sabotage Your Happiness - And 5 Quick-Strategies to Build Happiness Instead."  This quick-start guide is filled with practical tips that can help you recognize then replace common obstacles to happiness.

Often we believe that our happiness - or lack of it - is the result of conditions we can't control - our genetics,  past history, environment, brain chemistry, etc.   But there is much we can do to amplify and strengthen our capacity for happiness.  

This easy-to-digest guide can help you to identify - and then replace - obstacles to happiness that are becoming ever more common, in the world we live in. It wiil teach you to strategically build a lifetstyle that promotes happiness, for yourself and those you care for.  Download this empowering guide today!

Free Self-Assessment 

Download an easy self-assessment tool you can use right away, to start lifting your mood, and increasing your happiness.  This tool will help you identify patterns that either feed depression or build happiness, so you can see what patterns to adjust, in order to increase joy - starting today!

Based on Carrie's book, "Your Happiness Toolkit," this self-assessment tool will quickly help you identify areas you can strengthen to improve your mood and emotional wellness.  You can do this self-assessment quickly, as often as you like, to monitor your progress on your recovery journey. 

Download this helpful tool today!

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Counseling Library

Carrie's online Counseling Library contains a vast treasury of carefully selected resources that she uses with her counseling and coaching clients, to expedite their growth and increase their understanding. She has made this online library available to all, as a free public service.

The library is organized around 3 major themes:
  1) Healing  (Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Grief, Abuse, Trauma, etc.) 
  2) Relationships  (Marriage, Family, Communication, Personality Differences, etc.)
  3) Wellness . (Health, Productivity, Resilience, Emotional Wellness, etc.)

-- Vsit Counseling Library today to explore this wealth of resources, including: --

Counseling Bookstore

Browse Carrie's topically-organized bookstore, for the books she most often recommends to her clients, students, and others.

Handouts and Worksheets

Explore a rich treasury of printable handouts and worksheets Carrie created for her clients and classes, on a wide range of topics. 

Talks and Videos

Enjoy recordings Carrie has prepared on various topics, including healing from depression, and strengthening relationships.

Press Releases

Podcast - Look Up and Move Forward

In 2020, Carrie co-hosted an 8-episode series with Seth Adam Smith, entitled  "Look Up and Move Forward."  Available in both video and audio formats, this series presented a number of strategies individuals can use to build resilience, find hope, and strengthen emotional wellness - even in challenging times. 

You can learn about these 8 episodes, and access the podcast by clicking the image, or the button below. 

Building Joy  (Education Week 2021)

In August 2021, Carrie taught thousands of people at BYU Education Week that joy is a learnable skill, that it is a crucial resource for living effectively within the challenges of our current times, and that it begins with relearning innate skills for building and maintaining daily happiness. 

See the article published in the Church News about this talk, including an overview of these 5 inborn traits for building joy. 

Counseling and Life Coaching

Looking for a counselor or life coach who will empower you with new skills to improve your life or relationships?  Carrie can provide one-on-one guidance and support, as you work to rebuild your life and achieve your personal goals. 

As a counselor - Carrie loves to help her clients to heal from the inside out, providing information, new skills, and insights to help clients transform their lives, one element at a time. Whether your're dealing with depression, anxiety, grief, addiction, relationship issues, abuse, or other challenges, Carrie can help.

As a life coachCarrie can help improve your confidence and skills with areas such as health and nutrition, productivity and motivation, resilience and emotional wellness.  She can help you navigate important life events such as adjusting to parenthood, graduation, retirement, career transition, or  change in relationship status.  

Whether you need counseling, coaching, or a mix of both, Carrie is available for in-person sessions in her office in Sandy, Utah;  or, she is available for remote sessions on Zoom or by phone. 

Learn more about Carrie's private practice at her website, Morning Light Counseling, and if you'd like to schedule an appointment, you can do so easily on her Online Appointment Scheduler.

Services and Resources - Links

Music Audio

Find Carrie's music here:
Spotify | Amazon | YouTube

Sheet Music

+ lyrics of Carrie's music here:


Browse Carrie's top picks,
organized by topic,

Music CDs

Love's Umbrella

Soft vocal pop songs reflecting the process of learning how to love self and others - deeply, courageously, and with authenticity. (For all audiences.)

Trust in the Lord

A collection of inspirational songs to strengthen faith, promote emotional and spiritual healing, and increase spiritual confidence. Based on Proverbs 3:5-6.  (For LDS/Christian audiences.)

Hold on to Hope

Songs of hope and inspiration, inspired by the experiences of real people overcoming real challenges. Subtitle: "Finding the Light That Shines in Darkness."  (For LDS/Christian audiences.)

Music Transcripts

Download inspiring sheet music.

Access Carrie’s online library of nearly 200 original songs on a range of topics designed to strengthen hope, build faith, and foster positive connections between people. Created originally for various school, church, and community events, these songs are designed not just to entertain, but to uplift and inspire.


Carrie Wrigley Speaker, Author, Artist

Book Carrie for your next event.

Need a speaker, teacher, or performer for an upcoming event?  Whether for a corporate meeting, professional training, school assembly, religious gathering, or community event, Carrie can  offer insight, inspiration, and hope, on a variety of timely topics.

Favorite topics include:

  • Your Happiness Toolkit - 16 Strategies for Building Joy Today
  • Finding Joy, Even in Troubled Times
  • Building Strong, Healthy Relationships
  • Christ-Centered Healing from Depression
  • Women of Faith - Their Challenges and Triumphs

Carrie Maxwell Wrigley LCSW

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