Why This Site Was Created


Hi, I'm Carrie Wrigley.  Welcome to my website - I'm so glad you're here!

Over the years, I've written hundreds of songs - many of them to get myself or someone I love through a hard stretch.  I believe that music has great power to heal, comfort, and give needed strength.  That's what these songs have done for me - and it's what I hope they will do for you.

I've also raised 5 great kids, and served as a professional counselor, speaker, and teacher. I love sharing information to help people overcome depression, anxiety, addiction, and marriage and family problems.

I've also worked as an actress and director - both onstage and on film.  I am passionate about creating projects that extend hope, promote healthy relationships, and build a better world.

Now that the kids are raised and I have more time on my hands, it's time to share what I've created, to hopefully invite light and hope into more lives. 

I've recently built a family of websites to share the music, counseling insights, and healing resources I've gathered over the years. I am excited to live in a time when all of this can be shared so freely.  Check out my other websites  to access these additional resources.

I hope these sites will brighten your day, and help you find comfort and resplendent hope. 

Browse and enjoy!        -- Carrie


Welcome to Carrie Wrigley.com!


Welcome!  I'm excited today to launch a brand new site, carriewrigley.com !

This site is a quick way to get acquainted with me and the various things I do, as a musician, actress, counselor, and speaker.   My 3 most recent CD's can be accessed from here, linked in from CD Baby, where both physical CD's and digital mp3's are available for purchase.    You can also see videos of my work, including as an actor, as a composer, and as a speaker. 

This site now joins a family of Morning Light Publishing websites, bringing additional resources to you, to meet a variety of needs:

Morning Light Music  bringing you inspirational music for hope and healing (sheet music, MP3's, programs, and lyrics).  Includes a Free LDS Music Library; also contains inspirational music for Christian and General Audiences. 

Counseling Library  is an online library I built to help you to help yourself and your loved ones.  It's full of articles, handouts, videos, and other resources to promote healing from various emotional challenges, including depression, anxiety, addiction, abuse, and marriage and family conflicts.

Morning Light Counseling  is my private practice in Sandy, Utah, where I provide mental health counseling, life coaching, and marriage and family therapy. I've been a counselor for 30 years - that role is what fuels and inspires everything else I do.  The site includes an online scheduler, to make it easy for you to schedule a counseling or coaching appointment if you need one. 

Impact Music 4 Kids  brings you downloadable sheet music for character education on a variety of topics, including: Responsibility, Kindness, Inclusion, Anti-Bullying, and Respect for Diversity. For home, school, and community use, to help kids learn positive values through fun, original music. 

Morning Light Publishing is the parent company for all these sites, and provides easy-to-access links to all of them. 

If you wish to see more of my acting work, visit my artist page with Stars Talent Studio (my agent); or my profile page on IMDB. Or check out my current acting resume here.

I'm delighted to welcome YOU to my online home!   I'd love to be of service to you, however I can be most helpful - as a musician, actor, speaker, or counselor.   

You can contact me here.    Be sure to signup for my newsletter, to stay up to date on what's new on these various sites!  I'd love to hear from YOU!   -- Carrie Wrigley